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Lens for TV

Lens for TV provides quick and easy access to the TV insight data you need.


Advanced analysis

Data-driven TV insights at your fingertips

Our comprehensive prebuilt reports give you all you need for program and station rankers, trends and audience profile analysis. Identify top-performing TV shows and stations easily tailored to your target audience.

Select from a range of demographics including age, household income, occupation, family dynamics, and more, ensuring your campaigns align perfectly with your client's objectives.


Strategic planning

Enhance cost efficiencies and improve your TV advertising ROI 

Take your campaigns to new heights, ensuring maximum reach without wasteful redundancies.

With the Lens for TV Reach & Frequency report, find the perfect balance of audience exposure and station mix, driving greater impact and unprecedented returns.

Real-time tracking

Never fall short on your TV campaigns again!

Say goodbye to waiting for results. Gain instant access to dynamically updated dashboards showcasing your latest campaign data. The Campaign Monitor module in Lens helps you compare estimated GRPs and impressions to actuals.

Revolutionize your campaign management process by empowering your teams to make informed decisions and meet your objectives.


Quick access

Skip the hassle of downloading audience data and compiling reports. Lens for TV provides instant access to all your reports, allowing you to process them on the spot in mere seconds.


With an intuitive design and prebuilt reports, users spend less time learning the software and more time analyzing results.


Boost productivity by effortlessly sharing reports with team members and clients.


Avoid downloading data and compiling reports. Lens for TV gives you immediate access to all your reports and the ability to process them on the spot in just seconds.


Intuitive design and prebuilt reports mean that users spend less time learning the software and more time analyzing results.


Work quicker by easily sharing reports both with team members and clients.

Publicis Media Case study

"You've no idea how much easier Lens for TV is going to make my life."

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