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NLogic Case Study

Publicis Media adapting to COVID-19 with Lens for TV

"You have no idea how much easier Lens for TV is going to make my life"

Investment Supervisor | Publicis Media

Overview of recent media industry changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the Canadian media landscape. From the postponement of the Olympics, to the suspension of live sports, to the increased appetite for News programming, keeping up with our TV audiences has never been more urgent. 

Within Publicis we saw demand for broadcast tracking go through the roof when the pandemic hit.  We needed to inform our clients daily on the rapidly changing consumption behaviour while at the same time predicting future trends for longer term planning.


The challenge

It is important for Publicis Research to work holistically with our account teams, and as such, we wanted to arm them with first-hand knowledge so they can better advise clients on TV media strategies during this unstable time. 
Our plan was to send out a weekly update on TV consumption for the duration of the pandemic to all of our account teams.  We wanted them to have the latest metrics across multiple demos, displayed in different ways, across all major markets.  We also wanted the planning teams to have the ability to easily adjust the reports to suit their client’s specific needs.  
Prior to COVID-19, Publicis Media Canada accessed all TV audience data from a desk-top based analysis tool.  Once the pandemic hit and we began to work from home, due to our network set up, it was difficult to run. As the demand for reporting frequency increased, our transition to a fully remote workforce and lack of access to some network drives, made it difficult for us to keep up.

The solution: Lens for TV

We did not have to seriously consider any other products for TV audience data during this time as NLogic reached out to us as soon as the pandemic hit with a Lens for TV solution.  
We had 3 concerns around shifting to a new platform: 
  1. How quickly could we get access? 
  2. How long would it take for users to be trained on a new platform?
  3. What sort of investment would this require if we wouldn’t have access to this product long term?
NLogic was able to give us access to the platform within one business day, and they provided support documents, training videos, and virtual 1:1 training led by our account rep to all of our users.  When it came time to renew our product subscription, NLogic worked with us to ensure that Lens for TV would be available to us going forward with no interruption to service.
shutterstock_543383734 (1)

Smooth product onboarding 

NLogic provided us with temporary access to Lens for TV throughout the Spring and Summer, allowing us to get hands-on hours with the product while cutting down on time spent pulling data and increasing our planning teams reporting knowledge.  It became such a staple for us that we added it to our NLogic product portfolio.

Ongoing benefits of Lens for TV 

Lens for TV is web based so the remote access issue was immediately resolved.
Lens for TV reports run very quickly and despite the increased reporting demands we were seeing, we were able to significantly reduce our time spent pulling TV data.  
Feedback from our team is that Lens for TV is very user friendly.  The UI combined with the support received from NLogic allowed multiple users to learn it very quickly and begin running reports for clients without the need for extensive training.

"Please tell me Lens for TV isn't going away once COVID-19 does"

Senior Planner | Publicis Media

What has the impact been for clients? 

We had positive feedback from our clients as they were able to quickly get demo specific breakouts from their planning teams, rather than relying on the research team exclusively for stats like where sports viewers went, the increase in overall TV hours since lockdown, the split change between live and playback, the conventional/specialty shifts considering the lack of U.S. content in the market due to production halts, as well as the increase in younger viewers to typically older-skewing content such as news. 

Quick onboarding process for the TV buying team

Simple to learn user interface combined with excellent NLogic support

Positive client feedback due to shorter query response times

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