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TV & radio audience data

Access the latest broadcast audience data through our extensive range of media planning, buying and reporting tools.

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Audience insights made easy with Lens

Save time with Lens, our cloud-based platform with built-in reporting options. Get direct access to TV and radio audience data through a portfolio of analysis, reporting, trading and booking tools. 

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Lens for TV

Get quick and easy access to intuitive audience analysis reports to help you answer the most common questions around Canadian TV audiences.


Lens for radio

Our modern, cloud-based, end-to-end solution for the entire radio planning, buying, selling and reporting process.


Uncovering the deepest insights with Instar.

Formerly known as InfoSys+, Instar is your ultimate tool for accessing unparalleled power and flexibility within audience data. From reach curve analysis to unique consumer tracking across programming, Instar empowers your media planning and research strategies.
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The gold-standard for TV researchers, this flexible reporting solution provides access to unique types of sophisticated audience analysis.



The most poweful and flexible radio analysis tool with the ability to customize reach criteria.



Analyze Numeris' latest VAM dataset to understand true video cross-platform unduplicated audience viewing.



Access the TV and radio panel in one solution to discover campaign reach across both media.

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Unlock audience insights with Conex

Simplify your data pipelines and unlock new possibilities by placing industry-standard audience data into your own analysis and visualization solutions with Conex, the only Canadian audience API for TV and radio data.

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