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Data & system integration

Drive efficiency and innovation across your organization with our custom enterprise-level solutions.

Bring your ideas to life

Drive efficiency and innovation across your organization with our custom enterprise-level solutions.


Data integration

Ensure that critical layer of audience data is included in your next big data project.

We can help you fuse proprietary first-party data with audience data to create a more rounded view of your target. Whether you are looking to build or enhance your programmatic platforms, add proprietary attributes to TV and radio data or simply automate some of your more standard reports, we have the services and expertise to help.

"Our partnership with NLogic allows us to bridge linear data with our programmatic capabilities to create a powerful and robust advanced TV solution for all advertisers."

Chief Executive Officer


System integration

Accelerate your growth and innovation by integrating audience insight data into your existing systems.

We can help you streamline your processes, improve data accessibility, and power your data lake with audience data. Through our industry-first API and multiple data export formats, we can link our systems with Vidispine, Salesforce, WideOrbit and MediaOcean, and are always looking for opportunities to connect with others. From empowering your sales teams to understanding attribution across your channels, our services and expertise can help.

"This collaboration provides our Canadian clients with solutions, data and ideas to secure stability and success in a highly dynamic and fast changing industry."

Principal Market Development and Strategic Sales


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