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Concepts simplified

We cut through the jargon to give you an easy explanation of audience analysis terms.


AMA vs Rating vs Reach

Find out more about the building blocks of media analysis.

Reach and frequency stats

An explanation of the reach and frequency stats and how they relate to AMA and GRPs.

Composition and index statistics

Learn how these stats can help when profiling audiences.

And / Or statements

Understanding custom demos created using And / Or statements, otherwise known as Boolean operators.


An explanation of quantiles and how to use them effectively.

Engagement statistics

Learn more about the stats concerning loyalty and time spent viewing.


Canadian conventional TV stations

Let's look at the differences between local, regional and national stations.

Spots stats

What are the unique stats used for commercial spots analysis?

TV playback data

An explanation of TV playback data and how it impacts AMA and reach stats.

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