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Ad tracking solutions

Gain a competitive advantage with our ad tracking intelligence.

TV ad tracking

Elevate your new business pitches, develop robust competitive strategies and anticipate your competitors' every move with TV Spots. This is the largest database of TV advertising data in Canada giving you the ability to conduct in-depth historical advertising analysis.


Spots Monitor

Gain direct access to comprehensive TV Spots data through user-friendly online dashboards, tailored to your competitive landscape.



Leverage Spots data together with Instar for in-depth campaign analysis, including reach and frequency metrics, giving you a comprehensive view of your advertising efforts.



Seamlessly integrate TV Spots data into your own analytical tools with Conex, our powerful API, saving you time and streamlining your data-driven strategies.

Radio ad tracking

In today's competitive landscape, outsmart the competition with our comprehensive radio advertising intelligence data. Broadcasters can easily pinpoint new prospects, while agencies can obtain a holistic perspective of their clients' competitive radio activity. 



Effortlessly evaluate campaign performance in terms of spot counts and access creative downloads through this intuitive online platform.



Uncover radio campaign GRPs, reach, and frequency insights with our robust ad tracking data integrated within InstarRadio.

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