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Lens Video Planner

Articulate the value and performance of cross-platform campaigns​ with Video Planner.


Total video campaign reach and frequency

Built based on our unique expertise in reach and frequency calculations.

The Video Planner offers an industry-standard solution for reach and frequency calculations that compare the exclusive reach of linear and streaming data.

This feature allows sales teams to demonstrate the value of their content and platforms, while agencies and advertisers gain insights into optimizing budget allocations for maximum performance and reach.


Leverages Numeris' VAM dataset

The only solution that integrates the industry's TV currency with digital data.

The Video Planner leverages Numeris' Cross-Platform Video audience data, combining television audience data with their digital video audience data. This fusion enables reporting on duplicated and exclusive reach, providing a realistic picture of cross-platform campaign reach and frequency.

Simulation of ad-supported inventory

Create more realistic campaign scenarios across your streaming platforms.

The Ad Factor feature allows you to simulate ad-supported inventory for streaming players to create real-world scenarios. This feature enables you to address the changes in the industry as more streaming services offer ad-supported subscription options.


Comprehensive insights

Empower your decision-making process with comprehensive insights into total video reach and frequency across stations and streaming platforms. 

Unified cross-platform video measurement

Simplify your planning process by adopting the industry-standard calculation for total video campaigns.

In a single planning platform, efficiently strategize your reach and frequency across linear and streaming channels.

Improve campaign success

Uncover realistic insights into cross-platform campaign reach and frequency, leading to enhanced campaign success and ROI.



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