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Lens for radio

The all-in-one radio planning, buying and selling solution


Advanced analysis

Data-driven radio insights at your fingertips

Get quick and easy access to the radio insights you need with our user-friendly reporting options.

Choose from our prebuilt reports, including station rankers, trends, and audience profiles, to gain valuable information on your target audiences' listening habits.

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Campaigns and schedules

Make your campaigns more efficient with effortless radio campaign optimization.

Lens for radio revolutionizes the radio planning and buying process. With our cutting-edge optimizer, you can plan your campaigns based on your specific objectives or key metrics like frequency, GRP, or CPP.

See all your market activity in one place, and experience efficiency like never before.

Monitoring and reporting

Hit your campaign targets and report campaign results in minutes!

With Campaign Monitor you can ensure that your live campaigns are on track to meet your goals.

Dive into post-campaign reports that offer a detailed breakdown of performance, giving you the insights you need to fine-tune your strategies for even greater success.


Instant access

Lens for radio is cloud-based giving you immediate access to the latest data. With no software or data to install it is ideal for remote working environments.

Streamline operations

Lens for radio seamlessly integrates with industry-leading systems such as MediaOcean, Adtraq and Revenue Analytics slashing data entry needs and streamlining your operations.

Save time

As part of NLogic's Lens platform, teams can access all their radio and TV reports in one place. This unified suite of reports reduces training time and ehhances collaboration.


"RateOptics and Lens represent the future of ad tech and where we need to be to continue to drive automation and business growth."

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Derek Myers
Senior Director, Revenue Management | Rogers Sports & Media

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