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NLogic Case Study

How Rogers Sports & Media grew revenue, reduced $0 spots and saved time

"RateOptics and Lens represent the future of ad tech and where we need to be to continue to drive automation and business growth."

Derek Myers | Senior Director, Revenue Management | Rogers Sports & Media

The challenge

Rogers Sports & Media (RSM) wanted to reimagine their radio sales process with faster and more efficient workflows and modernize its strategy to drive revenue growth, all while its sales teams were integrating into one organization. 
The Revenue Operations Team at RSM knew there had to be a better way.

The solution

Two leading-edge platforms, Lens & RateOptics, collaborated to create a next-gen solution for RSM:

RateOptics by Revenue Analytics

  • A powerful pricing tool utilizing data science and machine learning to maximize revenue
  • Its sophisticated analytics engine pulls in a nightly feed of RSM’s order and inventory data to estimate demand and recommend rates

Lens by NLogic

  • A modern proposal tool with tracking and automation that helps reduce errors, while bringing consistency, visibility, and time savings to sales teams
  • Buyers and sellers have the ability to seamlessly negotiate on the same platform

"As reps moved to selling across all platforms, we needed a way to make selling and pitching radio faster, easier, and more consistent."

Elizabeth Brennan | Director Revenue Management | Rogers Sports & Media

The results

Using this forward-thinking approach to ad tech integration, the results achieved speak volumes; proof that implementing automation and analytics helps sales teams become faster and better.

% increase

Spot revenue

% drop

$0 spots

+ hours saved

Across the team

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