Instar, previously known as InfoSys+, is the perfect product if you’re looking for power and flexibility with your audience data.

From isolating reach curves to tracking consumers across programming to diving into custom audiences, Instar will satisfy all your media planning and research needs. Go beyond the basics with unparalleled insight into audiences, programs and ad tracking data to answer any question, no matter how complex.

Available for: TV PPM and TV diary, radio PPM, radio streaming, cross-media PPM, on-demand TV (ODM) and TV and radio ad tracking data.

Power and flexibility

  • Target, track and gain deeper insight into tuning behaviour by creating customized audiences based on a wide range of parameters.
  • Help your company make smarter decisions by uncovering unique insights using Reach/Frequency Curves, Duplication, Flow, Reach Build, Inheritance, and more.
  • Free up time to focus on analyzing the data with easy to navigate software using quick filters, pre-defined templates, built-in glossary and step-by-step guides.
  • Impress your team with custom reports and the ability to easily share your work with others

Lens and Instar are my 1-2 combination to stay on top of what's really happening in PPM... Lens for the quick up-to-the-minute topline view and Instar for deep dive diagnostics. All of it wrapped up in a bow with NLogic's commitment to innovation and responsive customer service.

Jeff Vidler, Audience Insights

But wait there’s even more

  • Easily defined planning reports allow media planners to test campaign scenarios in order to maximize reach or frequency.
  • Enrich your analyses using stats unique to Instar such as daily number of sessions, session length, loyalty, average programs viewed and contribution to total TV/radio.
  • Qualify your audience based on time spent and/or number of sessions using custom reach conditions.
  • Save time by running multiple reports at the same time or batching them to run later.
  • Easily share reports with other users or export results to excel.

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