As the industry’s first API for Numeris audience and spots data, ConexAPI plugs right in to your data workflows and applications. By placing fully processed audience data directly where you need it, you can consolidate and automate your data pipelines, and even build out new audience-oriented applications and solutions that would have been impossible before. After automating your low-value tasks, you can focus on building out those insights and analytics your business has been missing. Whether you are exploring attribution, RPD, CRM, AI, or even integrating data into your programmatic platforms, audience data with ConexAPI will enrich your data and analysis.

Available for: TV PPM, radio PPM, TV spots

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Unlock the data

  • Complete projects more efficiently by integrating Numeris audience data directly into your data pipeline, dramatically reducing manual work and chance of human error
  • Improve data visualizations with out of the box integration with leading BI platforms including Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, and many more
  • Allow non-developers to easily take advantage of the power of ConexAPI through our intuitive web interface query builder
  • Build responsive in-house applications displaying and analyzing Numeris data

“ConexAPI is so efficient, it’s like having an extra worker"

Patrick Sipin, Kingstar Media

But wait, there’s a whole lot more!

  • Through an enterprise-grade, Microsoft cloud-hosted analytics service, efficiently integrate any of your custom data pipelines with broadcast data, regardless of scale
  • Gain confidence knowing the service is hosted on the Canadian Azure cloud, with guaranteed performance and reliability by Microsoft
  • Leverage verified, industry-standard NLogic algorithms to be confident in your analysis

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