Get clarity on your campaign activity.

Looking for campaign and competitive ad tracking data in a timely and intuitive way? Want to know what your competitors are doing? With Lens for advertising you will always have the latest answers on your campaign activity and that of your competitors, helping you save time and get deeper insights.

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  • Build your competitive intelligence by knowing where your competitors are advertising and what spots they are running
  • React quicker with data on exactly where and when your campaign aired within days of it airing
  • Uncover new creative and media strategies with the ability to look at your category trends and specific brand details
  • Build your trend analysis with historical data going as far back as 2009

But wait, there’s even more

  • Access TV spot activity data for over 8,000 Canadian brands in every major industry
  • Find out how many people viewed each spot
  • Understand market differences with the ability to segment by market and geography
  • Be the first to know when a new spot airs by setting notifications

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