In today’s highly competitive landscape, get the advantage with critical ad tracking intelligence at your fingertips. Our tools, CMR for TV and RADTracker for radio, allow you to see who’s advertising, when, where and how often, giving you a better sense of what is going on in the advertising landscape.

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  • Build better competitive strategies by knowing what your competitors are saying and doing to reach their target
  • Improve your sales pitches by uncovering brand or market gaps
  • Predict competitors’ next steps with the ability to conduct in-depth historical analysis
  • Create robust, unique profiles when integrating ad data with Instar

But wait, there’s even more!

  • Get a more complete view of the category by tracking SOV and top brands by market
  • Access the latest ad data within days of it airing, including access to station promos and PSAs
  • Dig into competitive messaging strategies by viewing/listening to all ads

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