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NLogic Case Study

Jungle Media offers more data and speed with Conex

How would you describe the industry right now?

It’s been long discussed that the industry is in a state of exponential change.

Clients are looking for more and faster. Agencies large and small struggle to prove their worth to clients, who are looking to narrow their margins.

Not surprisingly agencies need to be agile and smart, providing insights potentially not readily available at a client level.

"Conex is extremely user friendly”

Kate Clement | Broadcast Manager | Jungle Media

What problems did this pose for your company?

We needed competitive data in a larger and faster capacity than what we had with our existing tools. Internally, our teams were struggling with the speed at which some of their other tools were moving.

They could be a little clunky and hard to manipulate, making it difficult to meet client expectations.

How was NLogic able to help?

We recognized that an out-of-the-box product would probably not suit our needs. Looking at NLogic’s API, it would give us the speed and flexibility we were looking for. Further to this, it is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. These elements made it an easy choice.

It was also clear that NLogic was moving faster than the competition. They work tirelessly to improve their platform and we knew this was the type of company we would want to partner with. 


“It was also clear that NLogic was moving faster than the competition.”

Kate Clement | Broadcast Manager | Jungle Media

How has your team adapted to the tool?

Conex is extremely user-friendly.  Our team was up and running within a day.  

NLogic was always available to answer questions and offered many times to come into the office and train the team. Their webinars were also most helpful in learning new tips and tricks. 

How has Conex impacted your business?

With Conex we were able to access data in minutes that previously would have taken hours to pull.

Typically, what would have taken a team of people to extract, one person can now execute in moments.

What has the impact been for clients?

Definitely greater satisfaction from agency clients as we were able to better respond to their requests and provide them data quicker.

Clients have also been very pleased with the dashboards that we have created internally as well as those that have been created by NLogic. Even competitive reviews can be done in a matter of hours, as opposed to days.

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