Custom Data & System Integrations

Getting a holistic view through the integration of data and systems has never been more important. As the number of disparate data sources continues to grow, companies are challenged to keep up with client, competitive and business needs. At NLogic, through our Services division, we partner with leading technology companies to help clients bring media data directly into their systems to make sense of their audiences and make better decisions.

Our expertise lies in our unique understanding of Canadian audience data, helping clients create a more complete view of their target and their business by:

  • Fusing proprietary qualitative data with audience data to create a more rounded view of your target
  • Empowering sales channels by integrating audience data with CRM systems including Salesforce
  • Creating custom interfaces to save time navigating through the data

For examples of what our Services division has done, click here.

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NLogic is a deeply trusted partner and invaluable resource in the Canadian marketplace. Through strategic insights, in-depth market perspectives, and customizable interfaces, NLogic continues to support Corus’ efforts to be leaders in TV advertising innovation. NLogic’s frictionless processes and expertise in the use of advanced data and analytics at scale continue to contribute to our success.

Spencer Charters, VP Data & Advanced Advertising, Corus Entertainment


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