Syndicated Consumer Study

The local perspective has never been more important to understand, and our syndicated consumer study (RTS) helps you understand it like no other product.

With a sample of over 40,000 Canadians, RTS contains an extensive list of brand information nationally and down to the local level. This allows you to pick up national trends and local nuances.

Go beyond demographic targeting by revealing consumer behavior, attitudes and perceptions, allowing you to create a more robust profile of your target.

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Go beyond the basics

  • Improve your messaging strategies with a greater understanding of national and local differences
  • Build detailed consumer profiles including where your target shops (automotive, high tech, travel, entertainment, etc.) and how they shop (in-store, online)
  • Enhance your competitive intelligence with access to specific brand information
  • Create more effective media plans by tracking competitive and category seasonality

As a Research Analyst at Corus Entertainment, I am driven to help our advertising partners dig deep into audiences’ behaviours, opinions, and lifestyles, and use this consumer study to strategize for media plans that align with our advertising partners’ target customers. SalesPRO is my go-to software for finding this information. It allows me to arrange RTS data in a crosstab and easily identify the story within the data.

Tony Xu, Research Analyst, Corus Entertainment

But wait, there’s even more!

  • Get a different perspective by looking at psychographic information such as willingness to pay more for eco-friendly products, skepticism around advertising, and price sensitivity
  • Easily access the syndicated study database through our easy-to-use fact-finding tool, SalesPro
  • Analyze consumer exposure to all media including out-of-home, digital, newspaper, print, TV and radio
  • Stay on top of shifts in purchase behavior and preferences with frequently-updated data

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