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Consumer  behaviour


Dig deeper into consumer behaviours

Build deeper, richer target profiles with our consumer research products by understanding the shifts and trends in the purchasing habits, behaviours and preferences of Canadians.


Powerful consumer insights

The local perspective has never been more important to understand, and our syndicated consumer study (RTS) helps you understand it like no other product.

With a sample of over 25,000 Canadians, RTS contains an extensive list of brand information nationally and down to the local level. This allows you to pick up national trends and local nuances. Go beyond demographic targeting by revealing consumer behavior, attitudes and perceptions, allowing you to create a more robust profile of your target.

Eg. changes in household expenditure categories Fall 2021 survey vs. Fall 2020 survey.RTS image for product page - compressed-1




Your #1 source for technology trends in Canada

Stay up to date on the latest trends in media consumption and technology ownership and use across Canada.

How many Canadians have Netflix? How do the media consumption habits of newcomers to Canada differ from those born here? How many Canadians have cut the cord and who are they? From smart TV and virtual assistants to music streaming and binge viewing, uncover how and what Canadians 2-92 consume.

MTM mockup - compressed

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