Media planning and buying are not what they used to be. Consumer behaviours and attitudes are changing, along with how and when they are engaging with content. With increasing channels, advances in technology and the rapid accumulation of data, new challenges and opportunities have arisen such as: how do I create a unified view of my consumer? How do I track engagement, influence and attribution by channel? How can we optimize our plans more frequently to improve results? On top of this, there is a growing need to speed things up. Clients are looking to turn data into action quickly.

NLogic helps media planners and buyers focus their investments on innovation, data and technology to embrace these opportunities in several ways including:

  • Building the right context and expectations around the data you have
  • Helping you find, access and bring the right data together to make it actionable
  • Automating reporting functionality to speed up the feedback loop (plan > buy > monitor > optimize)
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