How many Canadians have Netflix and how are they using it? How many Canadians have cut the cord and who are they? How many consumers have Netflix, and how does that affect their consumption of other media? How many Canadian TV viewers are multitasking on the Internet and what are they doing? Answer these questions and more through Media Technology Monitor (MTM), Canada’s premier research tool to help you make sense of technology use and ownership.

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  • Build a more complete picture of your target audience by drilling down to their technology use and adoption
  • Improve your short and long-term business strategies by understanding technology use and adoption trends
  • Develop more effective messaging with a deeper understanding of the differences between Anglophones and Francophones
  • Enhance your research with access to on-going research reports created by MTM throughout the year

But wait, there’s even more!

  • Access incredibly robust data drawn from over 12,000 telephone interviews
  • Stay on top of shifts in technology use and ownership with bi-annually updated data
  • Gain a complete view of the Canadian landscape with cross Canada coverage
  • Improve insight into future trends with access to historical information for over 70 technologies and activities, for over 100 brands

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