DATA-ViU allows you to combine survey or demographic data with Google Earth Pro to help you better understand where your target connects with their media. Combine meter or diary audience data or any survey research data with Census data to understand the geographical correspondence between blue collar workers and classic rock listenership, expectant mothers and classical listenership, retirees and news talk programs, etc.

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  • Create more targeted media plans by using locational data from Google Earth Pro including store locations, transportation hubs, and traffic information.
  • Design targeted mailing campaigns or spatially targeted advertising campaigns using postal code and Census data.
  • Uses data interpolation where the radio tuning between the locations of the listeners are assumed to follow a gradation of space.

But wait, there’s even more!

  • Convert any dataset into a visual representation to more easily view large amounts of big data through visuals which may be easier to understand, recognize patterns more quickly and help with decision making.
  • Ability to classify radio listeners or TV viewers into three categories: light, medium, heavy.

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