2018 Olympic TV viewing analysis

Date posted: March 14, 2018

2018 Olympic TV viewing analysis

Our 2018 Olympic TV viewing analysis report is now available.

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang was Canada’s best performance at any winter Olympics, receiving 29 medals. While the time difference between Canada and South Korea made it a bit challenging to watch the events live, Canadians were still tuning in! Check out our highlights below.

Clients can access the full report either through the InfoSys+TV homepage link or in Lens (TV PPM subscription is required).

  • 85.2% of all Canadians watched at least a minute of 2018 Olympics TV coverage
  • The most watched day was Monday 19th February when 18.9m Canadians tuned in to see Canada win 3 gold medals.
  • Composition of the audience was evenly split between men and women. However, the Toronto audience was skewed more female.
  • The youngest skewing audience was in Edmonton where 32.1% of the overall audience was younger than 34.
  • The overall audience reach of the opening and closing ceremonies was very similar with just over 25% of all Canadians viewing for at least a minute. However, reach was much higher in Quebec Franco where 40% of all Individuals 2+ watched the opening ceremony.


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