2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Date posted: May 15, 2017

​​Following the disappointing 2016 playoff season where not a single Canadian team qualified, we started this season with high hopes!  Five Canadian teams entered the NHL 2017 playoffs.

Round 1
Over the first round, 27.3 million Canadians (over ¾ of the population) watched at least one minute, most likely due to the unlikely appearance of the young Toronto Maple Leafs.  Game 2 of round 1 had the highest viewership so far with 3.6 million Canadians watching the Toronto Maple Leafs win after two consecutive 20 minute overtimes.  After 6 close games, all of which were decided by one goal, the Maple Leafs eventually lost to the President’s Trophy winners, the Washington Capitals.   The most popular Round 1 series belonged to the Montreal Canadiens facing the New York Rangers – 2 out of 3 Canadians viewed at least one game in the series, with the Canadiens falling to the Rangers in 6 games. ​

Round 2

The Ottawa Senators and the Edmonton Oilers were the only two Canadian teams to make it past Round 1.  Overall reach dropped down to 60% compared to 71% in Round 1.  The Edmonton Oilers had the highest reach out of all Canadian teams with 83.5%, while Game 3 in Round 2 against the Anaheim Ducks achieved a 70% share of viewing in the market.​

This and That

  • The most watched game is still game 2 in the first round (Toronto vs Washington) which had an average audience of 3.6 million and a total reach of 10.2 million on CBC.  
  • The most gripping game that had the highest loyalty percent was in round 1, Montreal vs New York game 6 – where 55% of the audience stayed for the whole game.
  • The game which brought in the most unique viewers (people who didn’t watch any other game) was round 1, Toronto vs Washington game 5 – where 406,000 tuned in but never watched any other game.

Round 3
Only the Ottawa Senators remain in the final four and will be facing the Pittsburgh Penguins on the Eastern Conference Finals, while the Anaheim Ducks will be taking on the Nashville Predators in the Western Conference Finals.

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