Fall 2016 TV Hot Topic

Date posted: January 18, 2017

​As we continue to focus on developing better tools for our clients, we are excited to provide our full-access Hot Topic report through our new ConexAPI interactive dashboards.  To access the full report, email cbarr@nlogic.ca​.

Below are select highlights from the 2016 Fall TV Hot Topic report.

  • ​Share of viewing to digital stations has grown 13% YOY
  • Big Bang Theory remains the top show amongst most demos with the notable exception being for A12-17 where the top show in Canada is La Voix Junior on TVA
  • French Canada continues to watch more TV per week (averaging 3+ hours YOY), compared to the rest of Canada
  • A2-11 in Quebec Franco watch almost 5 hours more TV per week than the rest of Canada
  • Across major markets, A25-54 in Edmonton watch the most at 21.6 hours of TV per week
  • SportsnetOne+ and Disney Eng take over top digital spots for A2+ compared to Fall 2015
  • Of the top 10 programs for Total Canada, La Voix Junior and Big Bang Theory have the highest % of live viewing at 77 and 58% respectively.

* InfoSys+ or Lens subscription required to access full report

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