Audience Segments: New Parents

Date posted: February 25, 2016

We all define our ‘audience’ differently.  Whether we’re marketers, PR firms, content producers, or media companies we use various sources of data to create profiles on our core audience segments in order to improve our targeting.  Gone are the days when a broad age segment could be used to define consumer behaviour.  Combined with the fact that in Canada we also have significant market differences (Quebecers watch over 6+ hours more TV a week than the rest of Canada, Manitoba & Saskatchewan have the lowest internet usage – 4 hours a week less than Quebec) pulling the right sources of data and generating profiles that are meaningful is more and more difficult.

We have to dig deeper and uncover some of the less obvious differences within our audience segment.  To help, over the next few months we’ll create audience profiles for you.  Some may seem a bit more obvious while others less so.  Our first is the New Parent but watch out for future posts which will include profiles on The Elusive TV Viewer, Home Proud, News Junkies and more.​

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